Last week’s poll: the future of the North Sea

A new report is recommending steps to maximise the economic recovery of oil and gas from the remaining reserves in the North Sea. What option closest represents your feelings on this?

A strong response to last week’s poll saw 472 readers sending us their reponses. Of these, the largest group, 31 per cent, were in favour of continuing North Sea oil production, saying that the UK’s need for the oil and gas was strong enough to justify major expenditure on its recovery. The next largest group, 25 per cent, held a diametrically opposed viewpoint, that the hydrocarbons were best left in the ground and the expenditure and expertise in offshore engineering would be better directed at renewables. The next group, 16 per cent, favoured collaboration with the other North Sea nations for a share of the oil and gas spoils; while 11 per cent thought that hydrocarbon exploration spending should be matched by carbon capture development. Only 4 per cent thought that the North Sea reserves were too played out to be worth chasing, and 13 per cent couldn’t choose between our options.


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