Last week’s poll: The Hinkley Point deal

What are your feelings on the deal to build the first of the UK’s new fleet of nuclear power stations?

Any unfavourable aspects of the government’s deal with EdF, Areva and Chinese state nuclear companies to build Hinkley Point C are due to a perceived desperate need for nuclear power, according to the largest group of the almost 800 respondents to last week’s poll. Some 34 per cent of respondents thought the government had been backed into a corner, while the next largest group, 22 per cent, thought that the deal represents a starting point for the UK nuclear sector. Some 17 per cent thought the strike price for electricity from the plant was too high; and while 12 per cent thought the deal did nothing to support the development of UK nuclear skills, only 2 per cent took the opposite view. Only 13 per cent thought the deal represented good value.

new nuke chart

While the majority of technology contracts for Hinkley C have gone to French firms, we report today that UK companies still hope to secure contracts for subsystems and components.