Last week’s poll: The New Longitude Prize

Last Thursday, the public voted on which of six scientific challenges will be opened up as the subject for a £10million 21st century version of the 18th century Longitude Prize. Which of the six do ypu think should win?

We received 527 responses to last week’s poll, and the result was a close-run thing. The largest group, 30 per cent, said the new Longitude prize should be focused around finding ways to prevent the rise of resistance to antibiotics; but close behind on 29 per cent was ensuring universal access to safe and clean water. Another large group, 18 per cent, wanted a focus on reducing the environmental impact of flying. Next on 12 per cent was ensuring availability of nutritious, sustainable food, while helping people with dementia garnered 8 per cent of support. Only 3 per cent opted for restoring movement to those with paralysis.


 Please let us know what you think of these results, or argue your case for an alternative focus for the prize.