Last week’s poll: the Trident successor

The government has announced £350million funding towards the design of the ‘Successor’ Trident submarine. What commitment does this represent to maintaining Trident capability?

The largest proportion of respondents to last weeks poll, 46 per cent, thought the government was still hedging its bets over renewing the Trident nuclear missile system: the £350million funding towards the design of the successor to the Vanguard class submarines was enough to safeguard the jobs and skills at Barrow-in-Furness, where BAE Systems Submarines has its base, while not representing a firm commimtment to building the submarines. The next largest group, 25 per cent, weren’t even convinced by that: the investment was merely a token amount, they said, representing no commitment at all. A little over 15 per cent of the respondents said that designs for the Successor boats could be carried over to future non-nuclear armed submarines, while the smallest group, only 13 per cent, believed that the investment represented a commitment to Trident.

trident chart

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