Last week’s poll: UK fighter aircraft

For many years now, the RAF’s frontline fighters have been the result of international projects, a trend which will continue when the F35 Lightning II is delivered. Which of these options best reflects your opinion on this?


We saw an interesting split of opinion in our poll last week, with 30 per cent of the 425 respondents saying that it would be worthwhile for the UK to develop and build its own front-line fighter aircraft for the RAF. However, 26 per cent disagreed, saying that the current policy of collaborative international projects is the best way to deliver UK expertise; while 21 per cent though the defence and aerospace sector should move with the times and concentrsate on developing and building unmanned combat aircraft. Meanwhile, 11 pee cent thought that fighter aircraft were beyond the resources of single countries to develop, and 9 per cent thought that collaborative projects actively damaged the UK’s capabilities.

We’d like to thank everyone who contributed to the lively debate on the poll and our accompanying opinion piece; please continue to tell us your opinions.