Last week’s poll: UK Spaceport

Plans are afoot to designate a UK spaceport, both for technical and space tourism launches. Where would be the best place to site it?

Doncaster emerged as the clear winner of last week’s poll, gaining 57 per cent of 930 votes. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise given the town’s rich aeronautical history and, as an anonymous commentator pointed out, ‘[Doncaster] is more central and is likely to have the best transport links in the foreseeable future.’

Poll results July 22 2014

The Civil Aviation Authority, in its UK Government Review of commercial spaceplane certification and operations report, identifies Doncaster Sheffield Airport – among many others – as a possible location, subject to runway extensions and the provision of appropriate segregated airspace.

The report concludes: ‘further research required’. 

From the other poll options there was a reasonably narrow split between Llanbedr (14 per cent) and Newquay (10 per cent) whilst options in Scotland attracted seven per cent of the votes cast.

Seven per cent were not enamoured by any of the locations offered in the poll and five per cent of you thought a spaceport entirely unnecessary in Britain.

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