Last week’s poll: Universities and work training

What could universities do to prepare graduates better for careers in engineering?

There was a very interesting split of opinions among our poll respondents last week. The largest proportion, 37 per cent, said that work placements should be a compulsory part of engineering degree courses; but another large group, 23 per cent, said that universities already do enough to educate engineering students, and that employers should take responsibiity for training them once they are in work — the two answers are, in a way, connected. Another 23 per cent said that courses should use more project-based learning, which would emulate more closely the way engineers work. Only 4 per cent thought that courses should have more business-oriented units to encourage entrepreneurship and give students an idea of how engineering fits in to a commercial organisation, while 13 per cent thought courses should be more cross-disciplinary to discourage silo thinking.


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