Last week’s poll: Victorian role-models

Are the Victorian superstar civil engineers, such as Telford, Bazalgette, the Stephensons and Brunels, good role models for today’s infrastructure builders?

Thomas Telford’s Menai Bridge was the world’s first suspension bridge and is magnificent, but it had to be rebuilt three times

A slightly suprising vote of confidence in today’s engineers from last week’s poll, considering the hard time they often get in our comments sections. Of the 288 respondents, the largest group, 43 per cent, said that the current crop of infrastructure engineers are every bit as talented as their fabled Victorian forebears while 36 per cent thought that the Victorians’ boldness, ambition and skill was missing in the modern world. Of the remaining options, 8 per cent thought that we had forgotten that many 19th century engineering projects were financial and logistical failures; while 6 per cent thought that we had a misleading view of Victorian engineering prowess because only their successful structures survive. Meanwhiole, 7 per cent of respondents did not pick one of our options.


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