Last week’s poll: what are the obstacles to building a Severn Barrage?

The government has been in talks over the future of the Severn Barrage project. What’s the biggest obstacle for this development?

The largest group of respondents to last week’s survey, 36 per cent, said that public opinion would be the biggest obstacle to building a hydroelectric barrage across the Severn Estuary. The next largest group, 28 per cent, raised finance as the biggest obstacle, while environmental concerns, such as the threat to nearby wetlands, was selected by 23 per cent. The prospect of the silting-up of the commercially vital Bristol Channel concerned 7 per cent, while only 5 per cent believed that technical difficulties presented the biggest problem.


What’s your view of this issue? Why might local people object to the project? Is current technology really sufficient to make the most of the Severn’s tidal range? Let us know below.