Last week’s poll: what should we do about pylons?

Egyptian-inspired electricity pylons have marched across the British countryside for almost a century, but the National Grid is now proposing a new, T-shaped design, the winner of a competition last year. How should electricity transmission lines be routed?

Half of the respondents to our poll last week said that we shouldn’t have electricity pylons at all, going for the option stating that the future for electricity transmission is underground. Around a fifth liked the T-shaped option adopted by the National Grid, while slightly fewer — 17 per cent — thought that there should be more variety available to choose from. Only 12.5 per cent thought that we should stick with the familiar six-armed gridwork pylons.


What do you think of these results? Are the drawbacks of underground cables — the cost and environmental problems of burying them and the difficulty of maintaining them — outweigh the benefits to the landscape of having them out of sight? What do you think of the T-shape design? Let us know below.