Last week’s poll: where should we store nuclear waste?

Last week we asked if a deep subsurface repository is the best place to store nuclear waste and just over half (51%) agreed that it is, given that nuclear will remain part of the energy landscape and a long-term solution is required to deal with the waste. 

The vote between the remaining 255 respondents saw three per cent agreeing that investigations should be made into the potential to pay other countries to store the waste, and 13 per cent not agreeing with any of the options given.

Of the remaining vote, 20 per cent were divided equally between agreeing that we should develop underground stores whilst scaling back on current nuclear commitments; and concurring with the view that we should follow Scotland’s lead and store waste on the surface.

This leaves the 13 per cent of respondents who agreed with the view that the public will not accept that underground is risk free and that space should be looked into as a viable repository for nuclear waste.

Where should we store spent nuclear waste?
Where should we store spent nuclear waste?