Last week’s poll: Who cleans up nuclear?

The clean-up of Sellafield has effectively been nationalised, with the private sector consortium Nuclear Management Partners stripped of its £9bn contract and the company that runs the site now becoming a subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority. Who should be responsible for the clean-up of Britain’s nuclear legacy?


Something of a first for last week’s poll. Of the 579 respondents, the largest proportion – just under a third — opted not pick any of our suggested answers. We didn’t receice much feedback on the poll, so we’re at a bit of a loss to understand what our readers actually think here. The obvious answer missing would be ‘The nuclear sector itself’, but we didn’t sugest that because, seeing as the vast majority of the UK’s legacy nuclear waste was created in the early days of the sector, decades before energy was privatised, the current nuclear sector is in no way responsible for this waste, and would therefore come under the heading of ‘Any private firm’ or “UK firms that can demonstrate capability. We’d be very interested to hear from anyonewho voted ‘None of theabove/’ to hear your opinion on this matter.

The other results saw 23 per cent of respondents opting for the state in partnership with the private sector; 22 per cent for the state alone; 16 per cent for UK firms who can demonstrate competence; and 9 per cent for any competent private firm.