Latest ACIS release is a speed demon

Spatial Technology has launched version 4.0 of its ACIS 3D Toolkit, offering substantial improvements in speed, functionality and robustness. The company says ACIS 4.0 is two to three times faster than ACIS 3.0.

The ACIS Toolkit itself is an open, component-based modelling geometry engine that provides a foundation for developing 3D software applications.

In the new version, blending speed has improved by up to 10 times with the addition of caching algorithms and a new end-capping algorithm, and optimising areas like sweeping, skinning, and lofting has increased the speed of model creation routines by four to six times.

Version 4.0 also introduces new functionality for mitring operations during 3D sweeping, non-uniform scaling and space warping, and thickening of sheet bodies. Users can now specify different mitre types when sweeping along 3D paths. ACIS 4.0 supports non uniform scaling as well as blending or twisting any ACIS body. Thickening of sheets is now supported to allow users to easily create solids from surface models.

Spatial Technology’s president and chief operating officer Bruce Morgan says: ‘ACIS 4.0 is our strongest release ever. It reflects our commitment to providing the most advanced 3D modelling technology available in the MCAD market.’

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