LCA invests in Eco-Solids

Low Carbon Accelerator (LCA) has announced a further £750,000 investment in Eco-Solids; a company in which LCA already has 45% equity following an initial investment of £850,000.

The investment will be provided as a £500,000 convertible loan to be paid on a monthly basis and a £250,000 loan facility to fund the installation of lease commercial systems.

The investment will be used to develop new technologies such as the CELLRUPTOR, a highly efficient cell disintegration technology that is used as a cost-effective pre-treatment to enhance the anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge, generating significantly more methane from waste treatments. It can also be applied to other markets, such as food waste and paper pulp processing and efficient disruption of oil-bearing micro-algae. This latter approach enables biofuel extraction processes to remove oil quickly and more successfully than other methods being trialled.

Another technology is the ES-PROCESS, an efficient and cost-effective advanced lime-stabilisation process for treating sewage sludge and other industrial wastes to destroy all pathogens, with the resulting output able to be used as renewable construction materials such as blocks and aggregates. Markets in the developed world include traditional water and waste utilities and additional opportunities are expected in the developing world as demand for better sanitation and water-saving treatments become important.

Eco-Solids has also developed a new technology for treating landfill leachate and secured its first sale in the Philippines.