Leading-edge F1 driving simulator for Ferrari features human and hardware-in-the-loop simulation

Ferrari has placed an order with Moog FCS for the engineering, design, development and deployment of a next-generation driving simulator, to be located at Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello, Italy.

This multi-million-Euro project involves a dynamic driving simulator featuring customised motion control with combined motion mechanism and control loading. The package includes all software and a dedicated operator workstation.

Marco Fainello, head of the Car Performance and R&D Department for Scuderia Ferrari, stated, “The dynamic driving simulator is a new step for us in developing virtual tests that give drivers true feel of a real environment and direct feedback on their actions. We have been impressed with Moog FCS’ motion control expertise and its ability to make every detail of the mechanical design a key to improving overall system performance, as well as the comfort and security of our drivers. This dynamic driving simulator will support the new breed of test we are planning to launch to support our future success.”

“It is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our expertise in motion control and testing systems and develop a new breed of test with our customer,” said Pim van den Dijssel, Market Manager Test Systems, Moog FCS. “Ferrari has selected Moog FCS to provide an integrated flexible motion control and testing system designed to meet specific and demanding requirements. Engineering hardware and human-in-the-loop (H2IL) testing solutions in a driving simulator is an area in which we have over 20 years experience, since Moog FCS pioneered advanced cueing technology. This project will represent another step-change in H2IL testing technology with enhanced fidelity through advanced platform kinematics and optimized motion cues.”

Moog FCS’ innovative Hexapod-based design, together with the incorporation of its world-class servomotors and actuators, ensures testing systems can reach higher levels of fidelity, efficiency and longevity.

With more than 500 motion bases developed for leading customers around the world, Moog FCS is a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of electric and hydraulic motion platforms that span a variety of key applications with payloads ranging from 1000 to 14,500kg.

Moog FCS’ unique force-loop technology provides the technical foundation, and this, combined with highly responsive electric actuators and sophisticated software models, delivers the highest fidelity control loading available in the industry.

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