Lean, green haulage machine

IMPCO Technologies has announced that it is continuing to participate in a program with Scania Great Britain Limited to develop a new, ultra-low emission fuel and engine management system for large trucks.

The system aims to improve performance, power and mileage while reducing typical diesel emissions by employing lean-burn natural gas technology.

Scania (Great Britain) Limited in conjunction with IMPCO Technologies, Mobil CNG and BG Group developed the program, which revolves around current Scania 3-Series vehicles that are reengineered for gas operation, and then recycled into the market place.

The system can be ordered with either CNG or LNG, is said to operate with much less emissions levels, is quieter and can operate over a range of 400 miles.

Central to each gas-truck is the IMPCO Eclipse fuel and engine management system.

The 32-bit Eclipse processor was specially designed to control the air/fuel ratio and ignition system. The Eclipse incorporates a ‘knock’ sensor and timing control function, said to ensure optimal engine performance and durability.

Misfire and two levels of redundant self-diagnostics are also included in the Eclipse software. The Eclipse is also capable of closed-loop learning that enables the processor to automatically compensate for fuel composition shifts in quality while maintaining ultra-low emission levels.

‘Everyone at IMPCO is very pleased to have attained such tremendous results with the Eclipse system, and to have surpassed the proposed EURO V emission regulations nearly seven years ahead of schedule,’ said Dr. Lorne Gettel, Director of IMPCO’s Heavy Duty Fuel Systems division

Because gas-powered trucks have been designed to be extremely clean and quiet, their use should also help operators overcome many restrictions and curfews imposed in some places around the globe against night-time operation in neighbourhoods, city streets, distribution centres and delivery areas.

‘The Eclipse system used in these Scania vehicles is designed to be modular for ease of maintenance and includes a ‘limp-home’ mode should there be a component malfunction,’ said Lorne. ‘Almost any diesel engine can be retrofitted with the Eclipse system, or as an option on new truck vehicles here in the United States as well as Europe.’

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