Learning CAD from TV

As a new software release comes out, it is often tempting not to bother learning new features, even ones designed to make you faster, until you have got time to `play around’. Most companies do not seem to have a lot of this time to spare and an easy and efficient way to find out about the new features in AutoCAD 13 and AutoCAD Light is to watch training videos.

Now available from Leonardo Computer Systems, these videos are intended to get users up to speed in 2D, whether they are new to the software or just old hands upgrading from earlier releases.

The videos cover the many new dynamic dialogue boxes in AutoCAD in depth, as well as the enhanced text, spell checking, dimensioning, hatching, viewing, toolbars, grips and new multiline features. There are four 2hr videos in the set, priced at £99 each. For experienced users, a release 13 upgrade video lasting 97min is also available for the same price.

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