Less exercise for tractor unit drivers

A trailer locking system with important implications for health and safety, improved turnaround times and tyre and fuel savings has resulted from co-operation between Parker Pneumatic and trailer specialist Raven Trailers.

Skeletal sliding trailers, which can be extended in length as and when required, play an important role in the transport industry where their design aids manoeuvrability and load carrying performance. Raven Trailers has won wide acclaim with its innovative `Lock and Go’ trailer design, which uses proven fifth-wheel technology – used to couple tractor units and trailers – to lock the trailer chassis in compressed or extended modes.

Raven’s patented locking system – whereby a kingpin is captured and locked in either position – eliminated problems encountered on older sliding systems.

The locking system has been further improved with the development of a pneumatic `memory ram’. This specially designed pneumatic cylinder, featuring an integral limit switch, enables the trailer’s braking system – used to lock and unlock the rear bogie and release the kingpin during compression and extension operations – to be operated by the driver, using a dash-mounted switch, without the need to leave his cab.

As a result, an operation which took up to 15min on a conventional sliding design and necessitated the driver leaving his cab twice to change airlines and check pin location, can be carried out in just 30sec. With the `Lock and Go 123′ trailer, the driver is not exposed to the dangers encountered by climbing onto the vehicle’s catwalk.

Parker’s package of pneumatic components has been developed so that there has been no additional cost to Raven Trailers over the previous system used to control the locking system.

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