Less noise from plastic sleeves

Cleaner, quieter working environments are provided by Tsubaki’s chains. The chains have engineered plastic sleeves between their pins and bushings which eliminate the need for lubrication. The combination of plastic sleeves and rollers also realises reductions of between 7dB and 10dB in operating noise levels.

The design of the chains with either standard S type (loads from 2kg to 5kg), or R type plastic rollers (loads to 50kg) eliminates any contamination from metal dust.

Normally chain wear as measured by elongation tends to accelerate after a certain period in chain made exclusively from steel. Any elongation in plastic sleeve chain is slight and incremental, due to the increased overall elasticity of the chain and the minimisation of metal-on-metal contact.

Plastic sleeve chain is available in 1.0in., 1.25in. and 1.5in. pitch sizes. The chain is rated for speeds up to a maximum of 70m/min, and has an operating temperature range from -10iC to +80iC.

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