Less product is lost

Designed to maximise process efficiency, the Series 400 from Anderson Greenwood is a range of modulating pilot operated safety relief valves (POSRV) for, clean and dirty, gas, liquid or multiphase services.

The valve is said to be ideal for processes with set pressures between 15psig and 1480psig and continuous service temperatures between -54 degrees C and +260 degrees C

To increase system throughput, both the non-flowing pilot and main valve can be tight – as high as 98% of set pressure. This allows the system to operate near to the set pressure without valve leakage, preventing product emissions.

At set pressure, the main valve opens proportionally to the severity of the process upset, thus restricting product release to only that required to keep the system at/or below the set point. Soft seats not only minimise leakage by ensuring tightness before and after relief cycles, but also extend service life.

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