Lessons learned

In response to the ‘Humming bid’ article (Opinion, The Engineer Online, 3 June).

The woes suffered by the British car industry are well known by now, and the decline through overproduction of poor-quality products is inevitable. This has been exacerbated by the world market’s volatility in recent years.

Britain is still at the forefront of automotive technology, supplying this technology to foreign vehicle manufacturers. This is where we, as a country, ought to begin manufacturing vehicles again.

Lessons from the past should have been learned, and the pitfalls well documented. I would like to see a British car industry catering to the masses, and not the minority interests. Such an industry could compete with the world’s manufacturers, but would require long-term strategies over profit-related short-term gains.

I doubt I’ll ever see a major British car manufacturer producing vehicles in my lifetime though.

Simon Martin