Lift off for Cranfield in Dubai

CranfieldUniversity has formally linked-up with Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) which will lead to Dubai having its own specialist aerospace institute.

The Dubai Aerospace Enterprise University (DAE University), which will provide a wide range of academic degrees and apprenticeship programs, will be fully developed by 2015, when 8,000 students a year will pass through its doors. It will be located within the DAE site at Dubai’s Jebel Ali Airport City, which is expected to become the world’s largest aviation hub.

The first key partnership with Cranfield University targets higher academic education, enabling DAE university to offer a complete range of Cranfield-supported aerospace subjects and MsC / PhD degrees. DAE University will closely follow the established Cranfield model, principally offering advanced and research degree courses in aerospace and aviation. Cranfield will be fully involved with DAE in structuring the courses and establishing criteria for student selection and staff recruitment.

It will draw on its existing knowledge base and expertise that has led to it becoming established as one of the premier global educational institutions in its sector to create the necessary course materials to successfully offer Continuing Professional Development, Master and PhD programmes.

Cranfield, which will maintain an ‘on-site’ presence at DAE University, will participate in initiating and overseeing postgraduate research and with DAE University will put together a joint academic team to determine details of its offering and develop a roll-out schedule.