Lift without surface contact

A new way of solving complicated lifting applications is now available with this new NCT product from Rexroth.

The NCT, which made its debut at the Hannover Fair, can lift objects without any surface contact, making it very useful for handling sensitive items.

The Non Contact Transfer is a new picking device that operates by the Bernoulli principle. The airflow under the device creates a vacuum and a lifting force between the centre and the circumference. Objects can be lifted without any surface contact, enabling delicate objects to be handled. Because of the dynamic vacuum and the continuous flow, the lifted object will not attach to NCT surfaces.

The device is suitable for applications where vacuum technology with suction cups cannot be used due to leakage through the object or between the object and the suction cup. Other examples of items which can be handle by the NCT are leaky objects such as electronic circuit boards with many small perforations, objects with a rough surface, or soft objects like paper and plastic bags.

The NCT series is available in four sizes and a variety of designs and with lift capacities up to 0.6 kg.

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