Linux-powered Internet appliances are so cool

Coollogic has revealed its Internet Ready 7200, a set-top box that uses embedded Linux software.

Coollogic, a developer of embedded Linux Internet appliances and operating systems has revealed its Internet Ready 7200, a set-top box that uses its embedded Linux software, Coollinux, to provide audio and video technologies for Web surfing on television.

The Coollogic Internet Ready 7200 is a TV set-top box that provides Internet access. By connecting the appliance to the television and plugging it into the home or designated phone line, customers will be ready to log on to the Internet.

The Internet Ready 7200 is powered by Coollinux, an embedded Linux OS that utilizes Java Virtual Machine, which enables users to access and use Web-based applications. The OS is modular, allowing Coollogic to customise the hardware and software applications to meet market and customer requirements.

Because of its modularity, the Internet Ready 7200 and the Coollinux OS can be updated upgraded through remote flash technology. The software upgrades extend the life of the appliance.

The 7200 utilizes the Netscape Navigator 4.7 Web browser and supports SSL v3 encryption for secure e-commerce transactions. Macromedia Flash Player is standard on the appliance and other plug-in options are available to meet customer specification. The Internet Ready 7200 operates on 32MB SDRAM, 16MB flash memory and National Semiconductor’s GX series processor. It connects through dial-up modem, 10/100 Ethernet or xDSL.

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