Liquid cooled drive saves space

Available in ratings from 600kW to 3.6MW at 690V, the Alspa MV3000 variable speed drive is supplied in liquid-cooled format, housed in a cubicle.

Traditionally, high power drives need extremely large heat sinks and/or cooling fans, taking up valuable space and requiring large amounts of forced air to keep them cool. These cooling fans generate noise and a large duct through a wall is usually required to take the hot air to the outside environment. Alstom’s liquid-cooled version of the Alspa MV3000 is said to address this problem.

The drives are cooled using a water and glycol mixture, which includes corrosion inhibitors for long life. All plumbed connections feature auto shut-off valves, so during maintenance work individual modules can be taken out of the cubicle without having to drain the liquid from the system.

The drives are an extension of the Alspa MV3000 range of drives. All operating control and procedures for the liquid-controlled Alspa MV3000 are identical to the air-cooled version,which includes the Drive Data Manager control pad, providing familiarity to users.

With the liquid-cooled drive, the heat is pumped out of the cubicle into a heat exchanger. This is usually a liquid-to-air cooling system mounted on the roof of a building.