Live video goes on trial

Emblaze Systems is to conduct an eight week trial of its video-on-demand and video mail technology with Motorola Global Telecom Solution Sector in Israel.

Emblaze Systems, formerly the GEO Interactive Media Group, is to conduct an eight week trial of its Emblaze technology with Motorola GTSS (Global Telecom Solution Sector) in Israel.

The trial will be conducted in a laboratory environment using a scaled down version of a real CDMA 2000-1xRTT network, and is designed to test the capabilities of live video-on-demand and video mail to mobile handsets and other hand held devices, such as PDA’s.

As part of the trial, Emblaze Systems will provide support and training to the Motorola GTSS team on the use of its backend system. Media content for the trial will be supplied by Emblaze through a number of its content partners.

The Emblaze Wireless Media Platform (WMP) provides wireless carriers and content providers with MPEG-4 video encoding and streaming capabilities over existing wireless networks, scaling up to next-generation networks and devices as they become available.

The WMP itself is comprised of two main elements: a server and an encoder. The Emblaze Server is the core of the Emblaze Wireless Media Platform, responsible for receiving, managing and streaming the encoded video content. The content is received from the Emblaze Encoder, either as a live stream or as a media file for storage. The Emblaze Server then stores the content in the video storage unit or streams it directly to the end user device.

The Emblaze Encoder receives the input video feed and is in charge of compressing and transforming the source into MPEG-4-compliant media. The encoding unit can be an integral part of the Emblaze Wireless Media Platform or can be located in the remote site, where content is created.

Last month, Emblaze announced that it is also conducting trials of its video on demand and messaging technologies over wireless handheld devices with one of Israel’s cellular providers Pelephone, who currently have a subscriber base of over one and a half million.