LMS has new DADS

LMS has introduced CAT/DADS Version 9.51, integrated software in CATIA for dynamic motion simulation. OEMs use CAT/DADS to create functional virtual prototypes in order to optimise the performance of products directly in CATIA.

CAT/DADS 9.51 extends the CATIA Kinematic function by automatically solving the non-linear equations of motion of mechanical systems. Simulation results such as loads, positions, velocities, and accelerations for all parts in a CATIA assembly are automatically plotted in tables and graphs. Additionally, CAT/DADS realistically animates the 3D-system motion directly in CATIA. As a CATIA Application Architecture (CAA) Strategic Development Partner, LMS has direct access to Dassault Systemes R&D capabilities and is provided early disclosure on future CATIA development plans.

New features include an interactive simulation capability to allow users to change mass properties, force elements, and the direction of a driving constraint at any time while continuing to run the simulation, faster solution times, improved menu structure, access to CATIA parameters, the ability to update the CAT/DADS dynamic model with a new CATIA Kinemat mechanism while preserving CAT/DADS elements and the data integrity of the Kinemat model, new Force and Joint elements, new vehicle suspension simulation capabilities and the ability to plot suspension results in standard ISO and SAE formats.

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