LMS introduces new 4-channel LMS Pimento

LMS has introduced a new 4-channel entry-version of the LMS Pimento, its compact PC-based noise and vibration analyser.

LMS introduced a new 4-channel entry-version of the LMS Pimento, its ultra-compact PC-based noise and vibration analyser.

The LMS Pimento is now said to combine the power of a professional portable system with entry-level pricing. The LMS Pimento 4 channel system is a good solution for manufacturers that want to qualify the noise or vibration performance of their products, and analyse the root cause of problems with the dynamic behaviour of their designs.

LMS Pimento reportedly covers a vast range of noise and vibration applications – from general-purpose data acquisition and DSP, to specific modules for acoustics, structural testing, and rotating machinery analysis.

Pimento also offers specific modules that support qualification-testing procedures for outdoor equipment, and sound power measurements on computer & business equipment. The Pimento Visual Basic module allows users to customise the applications to their application needs or company specific procedures.

Pimento comes with 4 to 24 channels and 24 bit ADCs; over 20kHz bandwidth on all channels in real-time, or over 1Megasample/sec in sustained data throughput. Weighing less than 5kgs (11lbs) fully loaded and standing 6cm high, the Pimento is able run from ac, dc or even it’s own internal battery.

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