LNG for Invensys

Invensys has formed a global centre dedicated to handle its customers in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector.

Invensys has formed a global centre dedicated to handle its users in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector.

‘The global LNG industry is clearly entering an exciting growth phase that will present LNG producers, transporters and distributors with new opportunities and challenges that – in some cases – will force these companies to rethink the way they do business,’ says Invensys Process Systems president Mike Caliel.

The new LNG Business and Technology Centre, based in Singapore, will work with both end-users and contractors to promote and implement Invensys’s products. These include SimSci design tools, Foxboro control systems and Triconex safety systems, Caliel says.

The systems have applications in new and existing liquefaction plants, LNG carriers and regasification terminals. Other systems under development include a ‘real-time information environment’ which will connect plant automation and information systems to business systems. A network of ‘satellite centres’ will assist the Singapore offices, located in areas such as Montreal and Houston, and specialising in liquefaction, marine and regasification operations.

‘Foxboro is a leader in shipboard custody transfer systems,’ says Caliel, ‘and we’ve earned a reputation for excellence in large-scale LNG project management. The Invensys Global LNG Business and Technology Centre will build on this proven domain expertise, plus the company’s broad technology and services portfolio, to develop and implement new and innovative automation and information solutions designed to help the global LNG industry meet its full potential for growth and profitability.’

Former Invensys subsidiary Anhydro has joined forces with Dedert and Smiatek to form a new business, Anhydro Group, specialising in drying and evaporation technologies. Based in Copenhagen, the firm is part-funded by private equity investor CapMan, which specialises in companies based in the Nordic region, and by a management investment group headed by chairman Ole Andersen and chief executive Per Jespersen. Andersen has been president of both GEA Niro and York International, while Jespersen was managing director of APV Anhydro until 1997, before becoming president of the Toftejorg Group.

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