Location, location, location

CSIRO researchers are working to create a new Global Navigation Satellite System.

CSIRO researchers are working closely with Australia’s Automated Positioning Systems (APS) and Italy’s Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB) to create a new Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

The researchers claim that it will provide for more accurate navigation than present systems and will be suitable for mass-market applications.

Together, the organisations will develop an integrated GNSS receiver that receives signals from several satellites, as well as inputs from other sources and a GNSS transponder that works with the receiver to automatically communicate the location of a user.

Dr Garry Einicke, CSIRO project manager, who is based at CSIRO’s Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies (QCAT) in Brisbane, said the new system was targeted at a global niche market that is particularly important to Queensland.

‘It will help to improve safety and traffic management at mine sites,’ he said.

The Queensland government is supporting the project through a A$333,000 (£159,000) grant provided under its A$300m Smart State Innovation Funding Program.