Lockheed invests in border security

Lockheed Martin has announced it will invest $16m over two years to build a Border Enforcement Solutions Centre in a south-western US border community. This will form part of its proposed Secure Border Initiative (SBInet) solution, the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) multi-year plan to secure America’s borders and reduce illegal immigration.


The BESC includes a demonstration centre and land border test bed, which will enable DHS and its industry partners to test and evaluate the readiness of new technology and border security solutions over the life of the SBInet program. 


Although located along the southwest border, the BESC will be used for testing and evaluating technology for both the northern and southern borders.  Lockheed Martin’s SBInet solution is a flexible system that gives agents at all levels an integrated picture of the nation’s borders and the capability for rapid response. 


Lockheed Martin is identifying potential sites for the BESC and, if selected to deliver the SBInet solution, would announce the site selection shortly after contract award.