Lockheed Martin extends Northstar P-3 upgrade contract

Lockheed Martin has signed a master purchase order with Northstar Network to increase the value of its P-3 mid-life upgrade (MLU) contract from $7.2m (£4.7m) to £16.4m.

Northstar manufactures finished components and assemblies for new production service life extension kits for the P-3 Orion wing upgrade.

The MLU adds more than 15,000 flying hours to each aircraft, representing 15-20 additional years of service for this maritime patrol and reconnaissance resource.

Northstar supplies around 400 parts and assemblies per aircraft, or about one-fifth of the total number of parts required under the wing upgrade programme.

These include machined parts and formed sheet-metal assemblies of various levels of complexity in aluminium and alloy steel and range from simple, structural members to flight-critical components.