Lockheed Martin wins $1.3 billion F-16 contract

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics has received a contract valued at $1.3 billion for 52 F-16 aircraft from Israel under the Peace Marble V program.

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics recently received a contract for 52 F-16 aircraft for Israel.

The Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract for Israel officially exercises the option for 52 additional F-16 aircraft under the Peace Marble V program. Lockheed Martin’s contract value for the option is $1.3 billion out of a total program value of approximately $2 billion.

The aircraft will be the same two-seat F-16 configuration as the original 50 aircraft ordered in the Peace Marble V program, which began in January 2000.

According to Lockheed, this brings the total of F-16s on order to 102. The first F-16 will be delivered in 2003. All aircraft will be assembled at the Lockheed Martin Aeronautics facility in Fort Worth, but there will be significant co-production of airframe and avionics components in Israel.

During the Paris Air Show in June, Israel had announced its intent to exercise the option and in September signed the letter of offer and acceptance (LOA) with the US government.

Worldwide F-16 firm orders now number 4,347 aircraft, with a firm backlog of 301 aircraft as of the end of 2001.

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