Lots of cash funds new engine

Cummins-Westport, a joint venture of Cummins and Westport Innovations, has obtained an agreement for approximately $250,000 in development funding for its B Gas Plus natural gas engine.

The funding, from the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) of Des Plaines, IL covers a portion of the development costs. Cummins Westport expects to introduce the B Gas Plus in September to replace the B5.9G engine, which has been in production since 1994.

Over the past 20 years, GTI has funded several engine-related research and development projects, including support of the recently introduced Cummins Westport C Gas Plus heavy-duty engine.

Like the 8.3-litre C Gas Plus introduced by Cummins Westport in 2001, the 5.9-litre B Gas Plus will be equipped with new electronics and sensors that can accommodate for and adjust instantly to variations in fuel composition. These electronics and sensors will allow the B Gas Plus to operate even with a natural gas composition as low as methane 65. The original B5.9G, by comparison, requires at least a methane number of 80.

An Electronic Control Module (ECM) derived from the Cummins Interact System for engine management will make the B Gas Plus compatible with Cummins diesel diagnostic tools for troubleshooting repairs. With up to 230 horsepower, the B Gas Plus will be targeted at urban bus and truck fleets around the world. Cummins Westport expects to certify the engine for both North American and European emissions standards.

The B Gas Plus will be manufactured at the Cummins engine plant in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

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