Low cost control at plant floor level

DeviceLogix is a smart component technology from Rockwell Automation that can be integrated into plant floor devices to provide low-cost control at the device level. It has been designed to improve overall control system responsiveness, fault tolerance and helps optimise the performance of central controllers.

The package provides a simple method of embedding control into a wide variety of components such as I/O blocks, motor starters, overload relays and sensors. Designed with a very small memory footprint, it offers simple, stand-alone features such as signal-conditioning, event detection, alarming and Boolean logic execution.

‘Contemporary control and networking technologies are allowing us to embed control in even the simplest of devices,’ said Mark Daniels, product manager CIG, Rockwell Automation. Using DeviceLogix allows OEMs and end users to execute simple control at the device level while central controllers concentrate on data gathering and other more advanced functions.

Rapid response control actions in, for example, materials handling applications could now be initiated by DeviceLogix enabled I/O, immediately next to the point of control, rather than involving the delay inherent in transmission over substantial distances between the I/O and the host controller. Distribution of control from a central host controller to the field also has the potential to improve the ability of the system to tolerate single or even multiple fault conditions.


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