Low cost peace & quiet

FAG/Barden continues to push grease as a primary means of lubrication for super precision bearings with the release of Arcanol L75.

Replacing Barium-based L74, L75’s run-in time is half that of its predecessor. This, says FAG/Barden, will ease the damaging effects of thermal stress conditions and lubrication degradation and a higher degree of operational reliability can be achieved as a result.

L75 uses Polyurea as a thickener instead of Barium complex soap. This is said to present advantages in that Polyurea is environmentally friendly, contains no toxic components and exhibits high thermal stability.

Other advantages of Polyurea are its better continuous and constant oil delivery characteristics and its utilisation as a thickener with mineral and synthetic oils.

L75’s base oil is synthetic and possesses favourable viscosity in relation to temperature. This, says FAG/Barden, gives operational benefits because the load carrying capacity of the lubricating film inside the bearing is sustained over a wider range of operating temperatures.

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