Low-emission diesel engines

The world’s largest independent designer and manufacturer of diesel engines is planning to develop the next generation of clean diesel engines for ultra-low emission commercial vehicles in the Tees Valley.

Engine maker Cummins will develop the new engines to comply with the next round of European emissions legislation (EURO 6), commencing January 2013.

To help Cummins create these new engines at its Darlington base, One North East has offered a Large Company Research and Development Grant of more than £600,000.

The grant will help to safeguard 135 jobs and lead to the creation of new jobs at the company’s Darlington Technical Centre.

Since 1992, the EU has introduced a series of ever-more stringent engine-emissions limits for diesel-powered commercial vehicles.

These are targeted to remove pollutants from exhaust gas and improve air quality.

In October 2009, EURO 5 limits were introduced, which reflected a reduction in diesel-engine emissions of 95 per cent since legislation began.

EURO 6 will reduce oxides of nitrogen by a further 77 per cent and particulates by 50 per cent, bringing exhaust emissions from the new trucks and buses to near-zero levels.

The grant to Cummins will help the company design and develop engine and after-treatment components and optimise the engines to meet the new specification.

In excess of 80,000 hours of engine testing will be completed in the Cummins facility and more than two million road miles will be driven to refine and validate the technology.