Lufthansa orders from Airbus

Deutsche Lufthansa has signed a contract with Airbus for the purchase of ten A330-300s.

This confirms the German carrier as one of Airbus’ largest airline customers with a total of almost 200 aircraft ordered to date. Deliveries of the A330-300s are scheduled to begin in 2004.

Lufthansa, which currently operates a fleet of 34 A340s on its ultra-long-haul network, plans to deploy the A330 on routes to North America, Africa and Middle East. The order will make Lufthansa the largest A330/A340 family operator in the world.

On September 30, Air New Zealand signed a contract with Airbus for five A320 Family aircraft. The company already has ten leased aircraft of the same type and options to acquire a further 20.

Air New Zealand will receive its first Airbus A320 in October 2003. It plans to use its initial fleet of 15 A320s on flights between Australia and New Zealand, as well as on Pacific Island services. Subsequent A320 family aircraft would then be a natural replacement for Air New Zealand’s domestic aircraft fleet.

The choice of which engines will power the A320s has yet to be announced.

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