Machine vision in colour

Cognex has announced the In-Sight 1000C, a self-contained machine vision sensor for verifying and sorting parts based on their colour. The new sensor is the latest in Cognex’s line of In-Sight vision sensors, and represents the industry’s first colour vision sensor with built-in Ethernet communications.

The In-Sight 1000C is designed to perform a wide range of colour inspection tasks in a number of major industries. For example, it can be used in the automotive industry to check the colour of heat-treatment marks on engine blocks; in the food and beverage industries to verify the colour of packages; and in the electronics industry to verify the presence of coloured wires and components on printed circuit boards.

The In-Sight 1000C features vision software tools specifically designed for colour image processing and analysis, and a vision spreadsheet interface for fast, easy application set-up without any programming. Used in conjunction with a colour monitor, the 1000C is able to display colour inspection images, making it easier for operators to monitor parts locally and remotely.

About the size of a standard machine vision camera, the In-Sight 1000C combines all image processing hardware, software, and communications in a rugged, self-contained package. The fully integrated design significantly reduces the time and expense associated with integrating vision into the production line. Additionally, the 1000C can be integrated with PC-based factory automation devices via Ethernet communications, and with PLCs on the factory floor via DeviceNet, ModBus, and ProfiBus communications.

The In-Sight 1000C is equipped with all vision software tools pre-installed. A number of peripheral accessories are offered, including LED-based lighting modules, an Ethernet panel PC monitor, a DeviceNet Interface Module, expansion I/O, cables, and lens kits. The In-Sight 1000C will be available in October, 2001.

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