Machining simulation and verification

CGTech says Vericut 5.0 enables you to simulate entire machine tools and the complete machining process integrated with material removal. This makes it a highly accurate and realistic CNC simulation tool.

Vericut 5.0 provides a unification of traditional tool-and-part verification and machine tool simulation. You can choose whether to view the cutting tool and workpiece, or the complete machining environment including the machine tool and fixtures. The views and orientation can be changed at any time during the machining process.

The program can produce a usable CAD model that accurately represents the in-process material and machine features at each stage of machining. The new version exports IGES data, native CAD formats, and STL. Manufacturers can use this `as-machined’ model for detailed analysis of machining processes, and to check subsequent machining operations. By accurately representing the workpiece shape, you can create and true solid model from CNC data.

In addition to machine tool simulation with material removal. Vericut 5.0 supports the ability to fully manipulate the size, orientation and position (zoom/rotate/pan) at any time during the machining process. When you’ve finished inspecting the model, the cutting process continues at the current model orientation.

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