Mag Dev introduces virtual magnet testing

A new system which can measure the performance of a magnet without the need for a prototype being made, is set to bring time and cost benefits to motor manufacturers, engineers and other industrial magnet users.

Introduced by magnet supplier MMG Mag Dev; the magnetics division of the international TT Electronics group, the system is said to bring significant advantages for those users requiring a bespoke magnetic solution.

As MMG Mag Dev managing director Charles Collier explains: ‘Up until now it has usually been necessary to test a physical magnet to get an accurate readout of its performance.

‘This method can be costly and also present unwanted hold-ups in new product development programmes, with a new prototype magnet having to be made each time the magnet’s performance is refined, until the end solution is reached.’

The new ‘virtual testing system’ is said to use Infolytica magnetic FEA software to produce a readout which is equal in accuracy to that produced from a real magnet, giving customers the critical information they need when sourcing magnets for new applications.

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