Maintenance and diagnostics for DeviceNet

Rockwell Software has introduced RSNetWorx MD, a software tool that provides automatic diagnostic analysis and troubleshooting information for the DeviceNet open network.

RSNetWorx MD does not require a detailed knowledge of network protocols or devices. It allows new systems to be brought on-line faster and enables problems with existing DeviceNet networks and devices to be detected. Warnings automatically indicate when equipment is in need of maintenance.

RSNetWorx MD automatically analyses diagnostic information into clear and concise good/warning/error health indicators. A diagnostic browser allows the source and severity of the problems to be determined and specific troubleshooting information enables them to be resolved.

The RSNetWorx MD subsystem is an add-on to RSNetWorx for DeviceNet and is available as an upgrade option to existing RSNetworx for DeviceNet software. Its maintenance and diagnostic features are coupled with the configuration management features already provided by RSNetWorx for DeviceNet.