Major end of pier attraction turns out to be a turntable

When Wm Morrisons Superstores took over the site along side the Thames at Erith, it gained the pier as a rather unusual inheritance. Once used for loading grain, it had fallen into disrepair, but was still very popular with fishermen. In keeping with the tone of the regenerated docklands area, and as part of the major renovation work, Morrisons decided to renovate the pier, even down to replacing the derelict locomotive turntable at the end.

The main contractors, Bowmer & Kirkland, called in British Turntable to provide a turntable capable of carrying a bus, thus allowing one to be driven to the end of the pier and turned round safely using the adjacent secure control box.

Initially excavation work had to be undertaken to adapt the existing pit to take the new turntable, a 6m diameter, 20t capacity revolve from the company’s standard vehicle turntable design. These standard vehicle revolves can be adapted to turn anything from a single small car in an office car park to a 40t delivery truck in a city centre shopping area.

To cope with the harsh Thames environment the control box has been built from stainless steel and the unit itself treated to provide all weather and other special protection.

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