Make the connection

ICORE International

has launched a new PCB connector, which provides a low cost solution for electronic power applications rated up to 100A. ICORE says the simple design provides reliable contact without the cost of complex components.

The connector features a copper contact formed into a U shape, providing a solid, single piece path for the current. The contact is silver plated to provide an anti-corrosion surface with a malleable contact point to help optimise contact integrity.

The fingers are shaped to allow the easy insertion of the PCB contact into the connector. The bespoke design provides a reliable contact force from a securely located component.

“The standard connector is suitable for any power application using PCBs of 1.5 to 2mm thickness but can easily be modified for PCBs or Busbars of different sizes and a current rating of up to 100A,” explained Greg Maden of ICORE International.