Making maps

A new tool that allows interactive maps to be published quickly and cost effectively on the web has been launched by QinetiQ.

Potential users of QinetiQ’s EasySVG for ArcGIS include those in central and local government, estate agency, logistics, retail, information services, road management, tourist information and many other sectors.

Customers wanting to produce interactive maps have traditionally had to invest in a GIS application server, typically costing over £10,000 and requiring ongoing maintenance. EasySVG is available at fraction of the cost and enables tailor-made and internet ready maps to be produced within minutes.

EasySVG has been developed as an extension to ArcGIS, produced by ESRI. It automatically exports interactive maps of geospatial data in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format that can be viewed by anyone with Internet Explorer and a free SVG plug-in.

A wizard guides the user to configure the map to their own requirements. EasySVG generates all the required map files (HTML, SVG and JavaScript) and the files are then uploaded onto a standard web server, shared drive, CD-ROM, DVD or other location. The processing required for interaction is performed on the client-side, eliminating the need for a specialised GIS web server and reducing network traffic. Use is also much quicker because maps do not need to be regenerated after every action.

David Palmer, QinetiQ Business Group Manager, said: “EasySVG will benefit both individuals and organisations who would like to publish interactive maps but are currently restricted by cost or time restraints. We are able to develop high quality scalable graphics, update data in real time and provide a full range of navigation and interaction tools, all characteristics previously out of reach of many would-be users.”

EasySVG for ArcGIS is available in two versions, standard and professional. The standard version is for creating simple, cost-effective maps while the professional version offers a full range of web mapping functionality.

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