Making the payment

Microsoft is to hand over $536 million in cash to Novell to settle potential antitrust litigation related to its NetWare operating system.

But in a separate move, it plans to file an antitrust suit against Microsoft in the US District Court in Utah seeking unspecified damages in connection with alleged harm that the software behemoth inflicted upon its WordPerfect application software business in the mid-1990s.

The WordPerfect suit seeks unspecified damages arising from ‘Microsoft’s efforts to eliminate competition in the office productivity applications market’ during the time that Novell owned the WordPerfect word-processing application and the Quattro Pro spreadsheet application.

It says that the suit is based in part on facts proved by the US Government in its successful antitrust case against Microsoft.

In that suit, Microsoft was found to have unlawfully maintained a monopoly in the market for PC operating systems by eliminating competition in related markets.

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