Malvern Instruments acquires NanoSight

NanoSight, a nanoparticle characterisation company, has been acquired by Malvern Instruments.

NanoSight has developed and commercialised a patented technology, Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA).

Currently the largest applications area for NTA is in life sciences, for the measurement of biological nanoparticles, where one rapidly expanding field is exosomes. These are intercellular messengers whose quantity and biochemical composition reflect the disease status of an individual.

NanoSight technology provides quantitative detection and characterisation capabilities to make exosomes a viable proposition as biomarkers for drug discovery, disease prognosis, diagnosis and monitoring as well as personalised medicine. 

The company’s instrumentation and software enable the rapid and simultaneous multi-parameter analysis and characterisation of many different types of nanoscale particles.

With their ability to analyse particle size, concentration, zeta potential and aggregation, NanoSight systems are closely aligned with Malvern’s Zetasizer range, extending Malvern’s solutions for those working at the nanoscale.