Manual gear change becomes a pleasure

High floor coaches with through-luggage lockers make it difficult to fit rod linkage gear change mechanisms. Here is a solution

The unanimous verdict of anyone who has driven the Prima coach fitted with the PGS gear-shifting system is that it has made a radical improvement.

High floors in the Plaxton built coach makes it exceedingly difficult to fit a rod linkage from the gear lever to activate the manual transmission at the rear of the chassis.

Made by Voith the cable-actuated PGS permits precise low effort operation of manual gearboxes, and unlike most other push-pull operation systems has been designed to work on three cables.

These are always in tension and, therefore, eradicate the push-pull sensation of other designs which suffer from high friction loads. Its application here makes it particularly advantageous where it is not feasible to run a mechanical linkage.

A short gear lever is also used, promoting a better ergonomic location, which in turn reduces driver fatigue.

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