Manufacturing collaboration embarks on expansion drive

A manufacturing collaboration is embarking on an expansion drive that could secure £7.5m of new work and create more than 150 jobs.

The Midlands Assembly Network — a nine-strong collective of world-class manufacturing businesses — believes 2013 will be a year of expansion as new projects come online in the automotive, electronics and renewables sectors.

It is expecting the growth to come from domestic customers and overseas clients, with the launch of a new website set to support the concerted marketing drive.

‘There’s a lot of negative talk about manufacturing output slowing down and if we’re not careful we’ll talk ourselves into another recession,’ said Tony Hague, chairman and managing director of PP Electrical Systems. ‘We recognise how tough it is out there, but we prefer to be positive and look at what we can do to seek out and exploit new opportunities. Talking across the nine companies in the group, there is definitely a sense of new projects starting after months of prep work.’