Manufacturing falls flat on its face

According to the latest figures from the UK Office of National Statistics, manufacturing output in the latest quarter fell by 0.7% compared with the previous one.

In the latest quarter, there were significant decreases in output of 3.2% in the metals and metal products industries and 1.5% in the paper, printing and publishing industries.

Between May and June, manufacturing output fell by 5.3%. This, according to the UK Government, is the largest monthly fall in output since a decrease of 9.6% in January 1979.

Other sectors weren’t doing too well either. In the latest quarter, output of the durable goods industries fell by 1.0% compared with the previous quarter. There was a fall in output of 3.6% in the car industry and 4.9% in the clothing and footwear industries as well.

There was a rise in output of 0.7%, however, in the food, drink and tobacco industries.